Does bill Gates know one thing we do not know about Six Flags amusement parks? No almost certainly not, but any person as clever as he, surely understands the future of Virtual Reality. Appear at the new X-Box 360-degree program? Certainly Microsoft gets it and their investigation teams may well have entered the Virtual Reality Realm a small late, but they surely realize gaming. Mr. Gate’s elevated his holding in the business from eight% to 10%. There can only be a single explanation in my opinion, Virtual Reality is coming to a theme park close to you. This almost certainly tends to make a bit of sense and also a rebounding economy tends to actually bolster Theme Parks. In GA essentially in Six Flags more than Georgia, exactly where essentially they are nevertheless arguing more than a single distinct flag some intriguing items are taking place

Lots of spending and upgrading, having said that I think that Bill is clever adequate to realize the subsequent wave of technologies in Theme Parks will be VR- Virtual Reality and boy has it come a extended way these days, Science and computer systems are moving at an remarkable pace, practically unheard of in this arena. Feel I am incorrect?

Even the Pentagon is into this shit with their newest Net-Centric War-fare styles exactly where every single unit operates as a entire but immediate info puts pieces with each other for the duration of ops. It does not take a genius soon after prepared a single of the most current Clancy books to figure out exactly where all this is going does it?

You see even if Bill Gates does not have time to study all the books I do, by Arthur C Clarke, Ben Bova, Tom Clancy and Michael Creighton and so forth. he understands the technologies industrial worth and as MIT scrambles to locate purchasers for all their newest codes, algorithms and ingenious inventions, so to is the US Government, and Microsoft Investigation searching at methods to improve the coming technologies. From fiction to reality, Practically and forever, right here we go. And it need to replace the drug difficulties in the US also. Exactly where much better than to test and use these newest machines and fantastic them than a theme park or even in Las Vegas on the strip. I assure you this is going to be great. So prior to any person claims that they know why Bill Gates is betting on the future shouldn’t you be smart adequate to study some of his predictions for the future and watch some of the films that his former companion and his newest associates are generating and which screen plays are promoting and who is writing these film scripts books and audio tapes and video games? Don’t be naive. Your fantastic Grandparents did not have vehicles and lived to see airplanes. Your grandparents saw airplanes turn into space ships. We watched Television turn into the Online and we will see reality turn into what ever you want in the virtual planet.

1st it will expense a lot in theme parks, then someday you obtain a hat and some applications from Wal-Mart for $250.00 hook it to your laptop or computer and relive that final NASCAR race, F-18 Clever guided bomb run or aid the President negotiate with the Saudis more than an oil deal. Feel it won’t occur? You will be capable to make enjoy to your favored actress, discover to fly, go check out the fossils in the Gobe Desert, Cross the icy Delaware with George Washington, go over philosophy with Aristotle, sit on a rock for the duration of the Sermond on the Mound with Jesus or take a tour of the Space Station for significantly less than the 20 million existing charge all for a system costing $39.95 from Microsoft operating on XP on sale at Wal-Mart for the subsequent years National 9-11 vacation sale. Bet me!?.

Gate’s is no dummy and he may well be ahead of the game by a couple of years, but recall he has the connections and the technologies exists now to make the entire point come to a total Matrix Film in the VR planet. Face it people the future is right here. I hope you humans are clever adequate to see that? Feel about it, it will come to you.